AFC Councillor slapped four times by APNU ranger


The Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Councillor of Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), Mr Naithram (only name), was on Friday slapped some four times by an employee of the Region Two Administration. According to a Guyana Times report, the incident reportedly occurred at around 09:15hrs Friday.

AFC Councillor, Naithram
AFC Councillor, Naithram

Naithram, who spoke with the newspaper, said  he was disrespected by the newly appointed employee. Unveiling his side of the story, the Councillor related that he was having a conversation with two rangers at the RDC Drainage and Irrigation (D&I) building concerning the cleaning and maintenance of trenches. He said that during that conversation, the employee interrupted and dealt him four slaps to his face. The employee, who is a well-known A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) activist in Region Two, is responsible for clearing and cleaning of trenches from Anna Regina to Charity.
Naithram, currently the coordinator for Agriculture in the Region, said he is deeply concerned about the trenches and the way they are cleaned, citing that in some instances they are only sprayed. He said it is also alleged that the said ranger is approving trenches that are sprayed instead of being cleaned – cleared.
“What I did was simply speak out; things aren’t going the way I speak out, I am the one overlooking, I have every right to speak out,” Naithram said.
Following the misunderstanding Naithram said he made a report to the Anna Regina Police Station then visited the Suddie Public Hospital and was examined by doctors and given a medical.
Head of the Region Two RDC, Devanand Ramdatt said he is saddened over the disrespectful act by the employee who was handpicked by the REO. Ramdatt said as such the RDC condemns and call on the Minister of Communities to immediately launch an investigation.
Ramdatt further noted that on numerous occasions the REO would breach the employment practices by hiring people that are not under the Public Service Commission.
“Recently he hired someone who went and broke another person office; he has like five retirees walking around the compound doing nothing. These persons were appointed without anyone’s knowledge,” Ramdatt noted.


  1. Blackhorse and Kingkong seem to be two peas in a pod.If you do not have anything SANE to say,KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH CLOSED.These are the comments INEWS APPLAUDS,a pack of ILLITERATES.

  2. I SMELL a DIVISIVE ACT by the Guyana Times a MOUTH-PIECE of the PPP.The PPP is TRYING HARD to DIVIDE the APNU+AFC Coalition,but this will NOT Happen.I believe,No employee from anywhere has the right to assault anyone from anywhere,whether that employee was angry or whatever.Ole people seh,when mout gat story,han na businis deh.If this alleged story is true,an apology is needed from the employee.STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS.

  3. Four slap is not enough ,four kick next time,you get a lil position because you suck up now teck wha you get.

  4. This is what the APNU is doing to the AFC in Parliament too. Watch Khemraj react and say we need to trust them.

  5. The APNU bullies at it again–Naithram should chopped the hands of this good for nothing cannibal for what he did —and eye for an eye We know the police would not do anything because he is one of their kind .Enough is enough its time we stand against these useless parasite.


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