AFC Councillor, father in custody for death of alleged Good Hope thief

The suspected thief was hog tied and beaten to death

By Ramona Luthi

Two persons are now in custody regarding the death of an alleged thief yesterday afternoon at Good Hope, East Bank Essequibo.

The suspected thief was tied and beaten to death

Police “D” Division Commander told Inews that the dead man, who was identified as 22-year-old Sharessuddeen Nazamuddeen also known as “Sheriff” of Lot 117 Ruby, East Bank Essequibo, had allegedly snatched a handbag belonging to a female, who then raised an alarm.

However, the Commander said it was reported that her father was the one to react to her alarm, and as such, the duo allegedly chased the man, caught him, then tied and beat Nazamuddeen to death.

The suspected thief was pronounced dead at the Leonora Cottage Hospital.

“That’s what was reported to us. We have a man that said he saw,” the officer related to Inews moments ago.

This online publication was informed that the female involved is a member of the Alliance For Change political party. She, along with her father are presently in police custody assisting with investigations.

Meanwhile, the AFC has since expressed sympathies towards the now dead man’s family and their political party member. They stated that they hope for a fair and thorough investigation into the matter.


  1. Just deal with them and let them face the consequences for their actions. That was out of order and they deserve to be imprisoned if found guilty. Give the man to the police and let the police address the issue. Let them finance the funeral too !


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