AFC concerned about safety of road users

AFC Member of Parliament, Trevor Williams
AFC Member of Parliament, Trevor Williams

[] – The Alliance for Change has taken note of the dangers faced by pedestrians, particularly school children using the Diamond, East Bank Demerara main access road.

Parliamentarian, Trevor Williams says this phenomenon is as a result of poor planning and design in the layout of the Diamond housing scheme.

He told a news conference recently that the absence of a designated pedestrian walkway or sidewalk has placed pedestrians directly in the path of traffic where some drivers continue to speed with indiscretion.

“The AFC is calling on the government and ministry of public works and any other authority responsible, to place high on the agenda, the safety of our citizens. The poorly designed Diamond access road which to date only provided for a single entry/access point continue to be a traffic hazard at peak hours of travel,” Williams said.

He explained that the road in its current design needs to be widened and equipped with a designated walkway or sidewalk which will take pedestrians out of harm’s way.Diamond Housing scheeme

“As a result of both public and private schools in the area, hundreds of children must navigate this route to and from school daily. The AFC welcomes the presence of traffic police ranks monitoring the morning traffic inside of Diamond but recommends that the safety of our children and pedestrians be given high priority.”

Williams also highlighted similar dangers faced by children whose schools are located at Woolford Avenue .

“This Avenue has the most schools in Guyana and carries no designated walkway.”

Williams also pointed out that the newly commissioned stretch of East Bank highway between Diamond and Prospect has already shown evidence of determination after only one month of usage.



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