AFC Code of Conduct is a cheap way of covering up wrong doings – Rohee

PPP members during the press conference
PPP members during the press conference this morning, Monday September 9, 2013.
PPP members during the press conference this morning, Monday September 9, 2013.

General Secretary of the People Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee says members of the Alliance for Change (AFC) continue to sabotage national projects for personal gains.

Rohee was at the time speaking to reporters at the party’s weekly press briefing at freedom house today, Monday September 9.

Rohee believes members of the AFC are using their public portfolio to push the agenda of private businesses in their personal interest.

He reminded of the AFC’s non-support for projects including the Specialty Hospital, the Marriott Hotel and the Airport Expansion Project which all unfolded into conflict of interest cases.

The PPP General Secretary also recalled the most recent case of such conflict of interest, involving  AFC’s Chairman Nigel Hughes and AFC’s Parliamentarian Cathy Hughes, who while working for Amaila Falls Incorporated did not support the Amaila Falls Hydro Power Plant.

In this regard, Rohee lashed out at so called Guardians of transparency for ignoring this case of conflict of interest in the opposition.

Rohee believes the drafting of a Code of Conduct by the AFC for its members is also a “cheap way” of covering up its wrong doing and pointed out that the document still affords the AFC members the privilege to work for whatever company they wish. [Kurt Campbell]



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