AFC claims police brutality used at Kwakwani protest, pregnant woman kicked

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

Some of the protesters block the road. [Photo: Kirt Morian]
Some of the protesters block the road. [Photo: Kirt Morian]
The Alliance For Change (AFC) has urged the Government to take immediate steps to repair the Linden-Kwakwani road and heed the call of residents. The party also claims that police brutality was experienced during the protest.

The residents have been protesting the state of the roads since last Friday and only yesterday, 14 of them were charged.

At a press conference this morning (Thursday September 5), the AFC urged the government to act now and rehabilitate the road.

“It is time the Guyana Government recognize the importance of this road to the livelihoods of thousands of ordinary Guyanese, local and international businessmen and investors,” the party said.

According to the AFC, “Transporters continually grapple with avoidable destruction and wear and tear to their vehicles. It is clear that the Government either does not recognise the importance of this road to the economy or simply does not care.”

The party explained that the deplorable condition of the road, especially during the rainy season has remained a sore point to commuters and major discouragement to travelling residents and visitors alike.

“The Ministry of Public Works and contractors have over the years been guilty of providing substandard repairs and maintenance. Pot-holes filled with sand and loam quickly reopen when trucks and other vehicles use the road. It is a waste of tax payers money.”


Meanwhile, the AFC is also calling on the government and the Guyana Police Force to respect the right of the people to protest and desist from using force and violent confrontation when attempting to disperse peaceful protestors.

The AFC claims that it is in receipt of information and complaints of brutality and excessive force being used to break up the protests.

“We have reports of a pregnant woman being kicked in the abdomen by a police rank and of another resident being bitten by another rank.”



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