AFC accuses Gov’t of “punishing” its constituents


The Alliance For Change (AFC) is accusing the government of punishing its [AFC] constituents whose votes at the 2011 General Elections led to the administration losing its majority in the National Assembly.

The AFC in a press release stated that Mahdia residents are experiencing severe difficulties which resulted from the rationing of electricity by the Mahdia Power and Light (MPL). According to the AFC, residents are only getting 12 hours of electricity daily.

The party listed among those hardships: the inability to store meat, fish and other produce that require refrigeration, Students being forced to complete studies and home-assignments by candlelight, along with the limited access to computers and the internet.

The AFC believes that the withholding of subvention to the MPL by the Guyana Government is the cause for this regrettable situation.

It notes that during the examination of the National 2013 budget Estimates, the AFC voted in support of a subvention of $15 million for the MPL, however only $10million was received by MPL to-date.

The AFC further stated that it was informed that MPL sent a request to the Ministry of Finance a month ago for the remaining $5million, but the Ministry requested additional information which the Hinterland Electrification Unit has provided.

The AFC believes that the withholding of the subvention is designed to punish the people of Mahdia whose vote at the 2011 Regional and General Elections contributed to the Peoples Progressive Party Civic losing its majority in the National Assembly.

The AFC is calling upon the government to immediately restore the money it has ‘cut’ from the subvention to MPL and stop punishing residents for exercising their constitutional rights.



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