Active Covid-19 cases decline

People on Regent Street

The Ministry of Health has recorded a decline in the number of active COVID-19 cases from October to December.

While this report is welcomed, Minister Dr. Frank Anthony is cautioning the public against taking it for granted and is urging persons to continue to safeguard themselves from infection.

The Minister said he is pleased with the overall trend reflected on Monday’s COVID-19 dashboard.

“I am happy that the overall trend is that we are having a slight decline. However, we can’t be complacent because we have had these declines before and then we have seen things go up as well. Also, what we are seeing at the national level is not the same as in the different regions so, when we separate by regions, the pitch is a little bit different.”

Monday’s dashboard showed overall confirmed cases countrywide at 5,697, with recovery figures at 4,779.

Active COVID-19 cases have been declining steadily since October 12, which recorded 765 cases; 715 on October 25; 714 on November 1 and 621 on November 7.

Dr. Anthony also urges the public to remain vigilant, in the wake of reports of social events being held indoors.

“We are entering a period when people tend to be less stringent so to speak, in terms of their social activity; they’re going out more, they want to go to bars although these have been closed. But my understanding is people are having more indoor parties and things like that. You don’t know who you’re inviting into your home and you don’t know whether they are positive or not, and therefore, people have to be very careful.”

Minister Anthony reiterated his call for persons to observe the preventative measures, which include wearing masks in public spaces and practising social distancing.