Acting Town Clerk sent on administrative leave

Sharon Harry-Munroe (Newssource Photo)
Sharon Harry-Munroe (Newssource Photo)

Town Clerk (ag) of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC), Sharon Harry-Munroe was reportedly sent on administrative leave.

This was confirmed by a source at City Hall, however, reasons for her being sent on leave are currently known.

An audit into the city’s finances is currently ongoing.

Reports indicate that City Hall failed to present certain documents requested by the Audit Office in relation to the probe.

As such, the Local Government Commission was advised of the situation.

INews understands that the Town Clerk (ag) was hauled before the Commission to explain why the documents were not submitted.

However, she was unable to provide a reasonable explanation.

When contacted, Mayor Ubraj Narine refused to comment on the matter. Furthermore, the Town Clerk’s calls went unanswered.

Back in September 2019, former Town Clerk Royston King was sent on administrative leave, pending a Commission of Inquiry that was established to probe activities and records of the City Council.

King never returned to his position after the damning findings unearthed gross misconduct and mismanagement.

He was required to appear before the Commission to answer to the findings of the report and was also requested to present dialogue on other matters. However, his refusal to discuss the impeachments which were brought against him triggered a decision on the part of the Commission to dismiss him.

In January, he was fired by the Local Government Commission and his position was handed over to Harry-Munroe, who is one of the individuals labelled as “incompetent” in the final COI report.