ACDA to spend $10M on Emancipation celebrations


By Nickhail Jaundoo

DancingforEmancipationDayThe African Cultural and Development Association [ACDA] today launched their 2013 programme of activities for emancipation celebrations.

The grand event will take place at the national park on August 1. The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Honoring our Heroes of 1823’.

A special feature in this year’s celebration will be the participation of other countries, including, the United States, Canada, Suriname, Venezuela, Brazil and countries from Africa.

ACDA will be spending approximately $10M to offset the cost of participating countries. Executive member of ACDA Eric Phillips said that 2013 is a special year in that marks the 175th anniversary of emancipation from slavery, the 250th anniversary of the Berbice slave Rebellion and the 190th anniversary of the Demerara Rebellion.

And as is traditional, the association honours an African country each year, this year they are honoring Mali in West Africa.

Locally the village of Farm on the East Bank of Essequibo will be celebrated. Over the years ACDA has celebrated various villages which were bought by the freed slaves.