Accused in double murder of elderly pensioners halts trial by fainting


It was high drama at the Georgetown Magistrates’ court on Thursday as Phillip Suffrein, one of three accused of killing two South road elderly women, fainted when evidence was being offered in the Preliminary Inquiry (PI).

Phillip Suffrein was carted away by paramedics after fainting

Constance Fraser, 87 and her 75-year-old niece Phyllis Caesar were brutally murdered between October 2 and 3 last year during the course of a robbery at their South Road, Georgetown home.

The women were found in the upper flat of the home, in their respective bedrooms, lying unconscious on their beds. Caesar’s hands and legs were bound, and a piece of cloth stuffed in her mouth.

Police had confirmed that the murders stemmed from a robbery. It had also been revealed that the perpetrators would have gained entry to the home via the western door.

Left: Constance Fraser, Right: Phyllis Caesar

A post-mortem examination revealed that both women were strangled to death and reported mastermind Imran Khan also called Christopher Khan, along with Suffrein, and Steven Andrews, were arrested after police were assisted by nearby security cameras.

However, as the PI into their deaths commenced, Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman was forced to halt proceedings and adjourn the matter as Suffrein suddenly collapsed as a witness was testifying before the court.

Alleged mastermind: Imran Khan, also called Christopher Narine

In the moments prior to his sudden and dramatic fall, the accused disrupted the court, had a brief exchange with another accused and declared his innocence even though he was not required to plea at this stage. All the while, church members who knew the murdered women were reading Biblical scriptures as the drama unfolded.

After the fall, court operatives swiftly called paramedics to the court to remove the 23-year old. The ambulance arrived shortly afterward and Suffrein with much assistance was later transported to medical hospital in the city under heavy police security.

Steven Andrews

Meanwhile, Seeta Khan was also charged for receiving stolen money from the prime suspect in the double homicide.

The 36-year-old mother of three, who resides in Cooper Street, Albouystown, had denied allegations that between October 2 and October 3, 2017, she received $60,000 in cash from Christopher Imran Khan knowing same to be feloniously stolen property of Constance Fraser.

Seeta Khan had professed that she was taken on a shopping spree by the accused and that she was never in possession of the monies at no point in time.

The murder PI continues before Magistrate Latchman.




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