Accounts Clerk charged for stealing from Fazia’s Collection

Shivanie Gobin


Shivanie Gobin
Shivanie Gobin

[] – Eighteen – year – old Junior Accounts Clerk of Silvie’s variety store, Shivanie Gobin was today fined $25,000 with an alternative of two months imprisonment for the offence of Simple Larceny.

Gobin of Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara appeared before Magistrate Fabayo Azore and pleaded not guilty to the charge. However, a guilty plea was entered, following her explanation.

Particulars of the charge stated that on Saturday, August 16 on America Street, Georgetown she stole from Fazia’s Collection one Mega Growth Shampoo with conditioner, one Lady Speed Stick Deodorant and two a lipsticks, together valued $4,180.

Police Corporal Adduni Innis told the Court that on the day question around 14:00 hrs, Gobin went to the store, took the items and placed it in her bag. She was seen by a staff who informed the security guard. She was confronted as she attempted to leave the building.

Gobin’s Lawyer, Paul Fung – A – Fat, told the Court that she intended to pay for the items.

Defence counsel requested that his client be given a chance to compensate and be placed on a probation report rather than a custodial sentence.

According to Magistrate Azore, the fact that the teenager picked up the items showed that there was intention of stealing and based on her explanation, a guilty plea was recorded.

Counsel pleaded that his client is one among four siblings in a single parent family and works for only $10,000 per week. He said the teenager has no prior conviction and is sorry for what she did.

He added that she was locked up for two days and when he visited the police station, he felt sorry for her and decided to represent her pro bono.



  1. What folly? Choices have consequences This teenager is rational and makes a conscious decision to defraud this business and therefore must deal with the ensuing consequences. These items were not needs but merely wants.(She was not hungry ,they are not food items) I have zero tolerance for people who try to live beyond their means . Tough.

  2. Gross just not right two day in a cell for shoplifting. let the young lady do a few day community service.$10.000 a week for a family of 4 this is crazy I do not know how people make ends meet in my country. It is wonderful to see there are truly a few compassionate people still are around I wonder if Mr. Paul Fung-A- Fat is related to the former chief justice?

  3. This picture of a young beautiful girl should not be news item. We have more grave problems to attend to. We will now tarnish a young inexperienced female’s reputation. Sometimes our news media should be responsible of what they are posting.

  4. people are being locked up for 2 days for shoplifting?? wow…those found with illegal guns like Purple walk free….


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