Accomplice of killed bandit was sentenced for armed robbery


As the investigation continues into the foiled robbery attempt at Liliendaal Embankment, East Coast Demerara, which resulted in the death of bandit Trydon Munroe and the injury of his accomplice, the police have confirmed that the accomplice was sentenced to two years imprisonment in absentia for armed robbery committed on a Bristol street, Cumberland, Canje, Berbice resident.

Dead:Troybon Munroe of East Canje, Berbice.

The sentence was handed down by a Berbice Magistrate in June of this year.

The accomplice is currently in the Hospital with gunshot wounds and is presently under police guard.

Munroe, 24, was killed during Tuesday’s brazen robbery attempt on a 42-year-old interior flight services supervisor and her security escort (bodyguard), who had travelled to the Eugene F. Correia International Airport to uplift a package containing valuables.

Reports indicate that the woman was cornered along the Liliendaal Railway Embankment Road in the vicinity of the Giftland Mall junction when a dark coloured vehicle drove into her path, blocking her. Two men then exited that vehicle bearing weapons, and pounced on the businesswoman, being unaware that her armed escort was seated in the vehicle.

Dismissed Prison Officer Munroe of Levi Dam Angoys Avenue New Amsterdam was shot and killed by the businesswoman’s bodyguard during the robbery attack, while his accomplice escaped with gunshot wounds, but later surfaced at a city hospital.

Munroe’s lifeless body was found by detectives near a .32 pistol with three live matching rounds. He allegedly had been dismissed from the Guyana Prison Service after several breaches of the rules and regulations of that entity.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum has since confirmed that no charges are expected to be filed against the bodyguard who fired the fatal shot.


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