Absent teen charged with unlawful wounding of teacher

Injured Gangadin Sebarat-Issacs
Injured Gangadin Sebarat-Issacs

A 16-year-old boy has been charged for the unlawful wounding of a acting Headteacher of a primary school.

The matter was on Tuesday called at the Fort Wellington Magistrate Court. The teenager was however not present in court to answer the charge.

A summons is expected to be prepared and served. The matter comes up again on December 12.

This publication had reported that on Saturday last a West Berbice school teacher had to seek medical attention after being attacked and beaten by a student of the Number Eight Secondary School.

The incident has been recorded as an out of school one.

According to the teacher of the Number Five Primary School, Gangadin Sebarat-Issacs, she was in her home village when the incident occurred.

She related that the teenager bumped into her son and then pushed her causing her to lose her balance and fall.

She then said that the fifth form student came up to her bent down and kissed her on her lips.

“He go to do it again and I spit. I don’t know if the spit catch him but with that he start cuffing me. He cuff me on my face… right now my whole face hurting, my head hurting, my teeth hurting, my skin what he cuff and so hurting…” the now visibly injured woman related.


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