A vexed Basil Williams threatens to sue 

Attorney General, Basil Williams.
Lead Counsel for the Peoples’ National Congress , Basil Williams.
Lead Counsel for the Peoples’ National Congress , Basil Williams.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Attorney – at – Law Basil Williams, lawyer representing the interest of the People’s National Congress (PNC) at the ongoing Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI) has threatened to sue any Journalist or media entity that libels him. 

Williams is very displeased with some of the reports carried in the local media following yesterday’s hearing. 

“I will sue them all; I don’t know what they are talking about. Any paper that libels me, as I have done in the past, I will sue them,” he told iNews this morning. 

According to reports, Chairman of the Inquiry, Sir Richard Cheltenham was forced to suspend the hearings yesterday for several minutes following the “disruptive behaviour” of Williams.

The lawyer was reportedly reprimanded several times during the proceedings after he became “agitated” by the commission’s objections to his line of questioning.

But according to Williams these reports are misleading. “They have to report accurately because people are listening … any reporter or news agency that distorts anything that I say I will take them to court , including you too,” he said; adding that “Im the first man that did my cross examination and I left, they suggested that I walked out I don’t know what they meant by that.”

Meanwhile, Williams continues to maintain that the COI is “a witch hunt for political expedience on part of ruling People’s Progressive Party and it is being shown.”

“Everything goes smoothly until I’m on the floor, then the Chairman and Commissioners keep interrupting, there Seems to be a pattern when I am cross examining that I attract a lot of intervention,” he added. 

Williams continued “these foreigners come to Guyana and suspended our laws… They have allowed people to come and say I think and in my opinion and all kinds of nonsense, so how can they say I breached a rule.” 

According to Williams he received instructions to questions the impartiality of the Chairman.

“I gave him many chances to prove wrong the belief that he is bias. I have found and the country has found that the commission’s chairman is bias… I am saying that we cannot allow foreigners to come into our country and have a license to criticize and prevent me from doing my work.” 

Williams has reiterated his call for the Brother of the deceased, Donald Rodney to be brought to testify so that an end can be brought to the ongoing inquiry which he says is not likely to reveal any truth about the death of the Guyanese Historian and Politician.




  1. rickford..even the man on the moon knew that fat-boi blew he away coz he was the biggest threat to fat-boi power and ruler ship..those in barbados and caricom including US and UK knew what happened..it was UK and US that installed fat-boi to rule..well with Garaingurr he done seh he ent know nothing about nothing..he was out of the country when everything happened..he was out of country for rodney killing..he was out of country for ballot box killing..he was out of country for wismar massacre..he was out of country every time PNC won elections..oh and u would tell me PNC won fair and square too..u would tell me 75% of all guyanese loved fat-boi..then better yet you will tell me 85% of all guyanese loved Dedmond Height and oh when PNC was getting all that Guyanese love Graingur was out de country

  2. What truth Rickford is talking about? This C O I is only confirming what this nation knew all the time. On this ground I think this C O I is a waste of tax funds. A more relevant C O I would have been, “Why did the Guyana government (PNC) did not produce a budget over xxx amount of years when they were governing Guyana,”?

  3. “skip” Roberts was here but the COI was more interested with examining a convict who could have been called any other time.
    with regards to Hammy the COI can request his presence if needed, while Granger is known to have been overseas during the period.
    is it fair to ask, let the truth be told and heard and prevent onself from jumping to conclusion about which party was responsible.
    are the 2 males commissioners,”i am grateful”(Barbados attorney) and the lawyers for the commission prepared to offer us the truth.

  4. u think hammie greed – graingur- green-age skip roberts would step up to the plate and tell the world that they know burham blow up rodney into smittirines while they were all stooges of the king kabaka..c’mon man

  5. something about this COI seems not right, the main players seems of no importance to this investigation even though they are alive and their cooperation can be sought. except for Ms. Rodney listening to it live it sound like a waste of taxpayers monies seeking to achieve an aim far from the request of the Rodney’s Family.
    the only witness Donald Rodney is not called but his lawyer is here seeking to discredit any witness that link the crime to Donald.
    the Crime Chief at the time (“Skip”) Roberts is available yet Mr. James is asked to sit and give his opinion.
    as a daily listener my honest and non bias assessment is that only the Madam Commissioner seems to be taking her task with no hidden agenda.

  6. leh he n flek deny they discussed planting drugs pon a lady hahaha…dem pncitescant get dem way wid de foreigners so cuss dem

  7. oh oh inews u better not mention de name brasil willams if nat he guh sue yuh ..these clowns are being exposed for whom they are..first if was the big bad man lawyersnighell hughe..linden coi made him look like the clown he is..same thing taking place with big bad man pnc lawyers…the entire world now knows how they does win court cases in guyana..they stacked the judicial system against everyone..these pncites infiltrate every institutions in guyana.in and out of goverment they are corrupt.

  8. They said “he walked out”. What did he do…run, …crawl… creep?
    We need to thank him for making us smile.


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