A Division Commander concerned with motorcycle bandits

 Commander of A Division, George Vyphius
Commander of A Division, George Vyphius

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Motorcyclists who have been using their means of transportation to rob and terrorize citizens have been finding new and innovative ways of trying to evade the police.

Of recent, the police have found that motorcycles which were used in the commission of crimes had parts of their number plates made invisible with the use of black tape.

This is according to ‘A’ division Commander George Vyphius during an interview with iNews recently.

According to the Commander, in at least two recent cases the police have either found that parts of the number plates were blacked out or switched. He said this causes persons to be confused since after committing the crime, the correct plates or series of numbers are used to allow the bikes and their operators to appear to be free of any wrong doing.

This is not the first time that Commander Vyphius has spoken of the use of motorcycles and bicycles being used in the commission of crimes. At almost every presentation by the Senior Police Officer, the issue is raised.

He told iNews that he continues to implore on the ranks in his division not to harass motorists but to also be firm in conducting random stop and search.

In recent times there have been several incidents where motorcycles especially have been at the centre of shootings and robberies around the city with eyewitnesses relating that perpetrators making good their escape either as the pillion rider.

The most recent incident occurred on Thursday morning (March 6) where an East Coast Demerara resident was shot and hospitalized. The A Division Commander told iNews that in most cases CG motorcycles are being used to carry out these illegal and in some cases deadly acts. [Leroy Smith]



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