A crime of revenge? Family shocked at murder of 19-Y-O



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Dead: Ryan Sooklall.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – An eyewitness has reportedly identified the killer of 19 – year – old Ryan Sooklall as an East Bank Demerara man, who has since abandoned his residence and has gone into hiding.

Sooklall, of Providence, East Bank Demerara was gunned down on Sunday, March 01 by a man who had earlier accused him of opening fire at a house in Agricola.

According to the eyewitness, the gunman escaped on a bicycle shortly after approaching Sooklall and opening fire on him a short distance from his Providence residence.

“He just pass on his bicycle and he saw the boys them sitting there and he started to shoot, apparently he had information that they were there because of how he came up and started to shoot; he didn’t look for nobody he just started shooting,” the eyewitness said.

The eyewitness also does not believe that the victim was involved in any criminal activities and described him as a hardworking young man. The information with the shooter’s name was given to the police, who searched the man’s home, but came up empty handed.

Persons around the area where the shooting took place have now expressed fear for their lives since the shooter is walking free.

Meanwhile, Sooklall’s mother, Shanaz Ali, has refuted media reports that her son was involved in criminal activities which lead to his death. The shocked mother who recently lost her eldest lost in a motorcycle accident believes her son’s killing was revenge.

“Now you hearing a few things, that is some woman nephew and she set up she nephew to kill him because he and he friends them mussy trouble she…the boy just go and me son deh liming at the shop with his friends and just shoot up and kill he.”

The woman told reporters that her son did not lack anything since she worked tirelessly to maintain them.

“Every morning from 8am, I does left and go to me hardware store and he does go with me, we does be there from then till to 5-5:30, I come home, he come home and then he would go out with his girlfriend…but criminal activities? He living here and got his room with everything inside, I does cook for him and buy clothes for him and everything and he works with me and I give him a salary so I don’t know what kind of criminal activities cause he don’t have any reason to get involved; it’s just the bad company…”

Sooklall’s mother was made aware that her son was shot while returning from Splashmin’s Fun Park. He reportedly died at the Diamond hospital.