90-Y-O man found dead in home

Sukhnanan Dugi

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 90-year-old man identified as Sukhnanan Dugi of Hope Lowlands Public Road, East Coast Demerara.

Dugi, also known as “Henry”, lived alone and was last seen alive on Monday at around 16:00hrs by his niece who visits on a daily basis to help him cook and clean.

Reports indicate that at around 11:00hrs today, the niece returned to the man’s home where she discovered his lifeless body.

According to the niece, when she arrived at his house, she observed his slippers at the top of his step.

Upon entering the house, she saw what appeared to be bloodstains on the floor in the vicinity of the living room area.

As she entered the kitchen, she saw the lifeless body of Dugi under the kitchen sink with his head and upper body covered in blood.

She subsequent raised an alarm and the police was summoned.

Investigators said they observed two open wounds to the back of the pensioner’s head, one to the right side of his face, swelling to the left side of his face, and wounds on his right hand and wrist.

A piece of wood, suspected to be the murder weapon was also recovered along with a bloodstained piece of cloth on the floor.

The interior of the house did not appear to have been ransacked, and there were no signs of forced entry.

Investigations are ongoing.