9 months on: Delay plagues case involving mother accused of killing children


By Kurt Campbell

The mother, Awena Rutherford.
The mother, Awena Rutherford.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Some nine months after allegedly killing her children, the likelihood of a High Court trial for 21 – year – old Mahaicony mother, Awena Rutherford continues to be plagued by delays with relatives expressing fresh fears that police’s sloppy investigation and prosecution could result in an unfavorable outcome.

Rutherford appeared in the Mahaicony Magistrate’s Court yesterday (Wednesday, January 7), having made her first appearance in the Vigilance Magistrates’ Court on April 7, 2014; however the matter was put off until January 19, 2015.

The now dead children’s Grandmother, Karen Daniels told iNews that the matter was suspended again after the Prosecution could not provide the Court with the results of a Post Mortem Examination for the children.

She recalled that a PME done here did not determine the cause of death and results for samples sent abroad have not yet returned.

Dead: One – year – old Jabarie Cadogan
Dead: One – year – old Jabarie Cadogan

“I don’t understand; its nine months now and nothing and how the doctor here can’t give a cause of death when is carbon tablet she gave these children?” the grieving woman questioned.

She said she met with the Police Commander today and received promising responses and is willing to wait until January 19 where she was assured that if a definite PME result is not available then the local doctor will be called to testify.

“The girl herself was very presumptuous because she was saying that is nine months and they ain’t telling her nothing … this girl has police family,” Daniels said as she insisted that justice must be served.

The 21 – year – old Mahaicony mother allegedly poisoned her two children and then attempted to take her own life by also consuming the poisonous substance on March 27, 2014.

Rutherford survived following treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The children were identified as one – year – old Jabarie Cadogan and four – year – old Odaceia Cadogan.

Dead: 4 – year – old Odaceia Cadogan
Dead: 4 – year – old Odaceia Cadogan

The incident reportedly stemmed from a dispute that the woman had with her husband, who was residing overseas. Rutherford continues to remain on remand.



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