8,500 ganja plants destroyed during Police swoop down in Upper Demerara River

Two of the ganja farms which were unearthed and subsequently destroyed on Saturday

Police in E Division (Linden-Kwakwani) on Saturday conducted another drug eradication exercise, this time at 8 Miles, Millie’s Hideout, Upper Demerara River where several marijuana camps were unearthed and destroyed.

Reports are Police swooped down on two acres of marijuana farm which has about 2500 cannabis plants, which measured between one to four feet in height, and which were estimated to weigh approximately 675 kilograms.

Two of the ganja farms which were unearthed and subsequently destroyed on Saturday

A nursery containing some 3000 marijuana plants was also discovered along with four make-shift camps with two hammocks, a mattress, a quantity of kitchen utensils and groceries. Additionally, a quantity of dried cannabis, estimated to weigh about 200 kilograms were unearthed.

Following the first bust, Police trekked another seven miles where a one and half acre of marijuana farm with about 1500 cannabis plants was discovered.

The plants measured between two and five feet in height with an estimated weight of 225 kilograms. Another nursery with 1500 marijuana plants was also discovered at the location along with a make-shift camp containing dried cannabis, which was estimated to weigh about 100 kilograms.

Police on Saturday said that the plants and camps were destroyed, and the location marked for further investigation.  No one was found at the illegal farms.

The exercise which was conducted between 05:00h and 18:00h was led by Detective/Sergeant De Souza and Detective/Corporal 21800 Van Hersel, a party of policemen attached to the Mackenzie Police Station, a Rural Corporal and a member of the E ‘2’ Division Community Policing Group (CPG).

The cannabis plants

Only on Tuesday last, ranks in the Division conducted a similar eradication exercise at 10 Miles, Millie’s Hideout, during which several fields of cannabis were destroyed. During the exercise, ranks discovered several fields totaling 9 acres which contained 9,000 cannabis plants.

The plants ranged between two to eight feet in height. They also discovered 300 kilograms of dried cannabis and two nurseries containing 6,500 seedlings. Seven camps containing groceries, kitchen utensils, clothing, beds, hammocks and foodstuff were also unearthed. The fields were reportedly cut down and burnt. No one was discovered inside the camps at the time of the discoveries.



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