80-yr-old man accused of raping 12-yr-old girl released, but probe continues – Commander Brutus


The 80-year-old East Coast Demerara (ECD) resident who allegedly raped a 12-year-old girl in his car was released on bail after the 72-hour detention period expired, but the Police were continuing their investigations into the matter.

This is according to C Division (East Coast Demerara) Commander, Senior Superintendent, Calvin Brutus, who explained that although concerns are being raised about the man’s release from custody, the alleged child rapist could not be detained more than the mandatory 72-hour period.

However, he stressed that although the man is out of the lock-ups, it does not mean that the case would be swept under the rug.

Commander Brutus further stated that when handling such sensitive matters, in-depth and proper investigations have to be conducted to avoid any oversight on the part of law enforcement authorities. Any blunder, he added, can lead to dismissal of the matter, and the perpetrator can walk free.

The Police, Brutus noted, have information that the alleged perpetrator might have other victims in the village. It is believed that he might have paid the relatives of those abused girls to “keep quiet”.

The Commander noted that regardless of how long ago such a crime was committed, the Police can legally investigate them as well.

Last week, the alleged child rapist reportedly lured the 12-year-old female into his vehicle and drove her to his home; even before she exited the vehicle, he ran his hands along her body and repeatedly inserted his fingers inside her private parts.

But before he could proceed to molest the child further, his neighbours noticed the girl in the car, and called out to him.

It was reported that the man vehemently denied that someone was in the vehicle with him, but one neighbour jumped the fence and as she approached the car, the child was seen. An alarm was raised and the Police were contacted.

The man was immediately arrested and the child was taken into Police custody and subsequently handed over to the CCPA.