75-year-old woman robbed of clothing, money


Mary Elizabeth, 75, of Suddie Sea Road, Essequibo Coast, is thanking God for sparing her life after she was robbed of cash and clothing, early Monday morning.

Based on the reports received, around 02:45hrs, the woman heard a knocking sound at the northern window of her house while she also smelt something burning.

Sensing that something was amiss, the pensioner decided to make inquiries and rushed out of her room.

pensioner-robbedTo her dismay, she stumbled upon the male suspect, whom she recognised. The person then held a knife to her neck and ordered her to go into her room and hand over the money.

The woman complied and the suspect then collected $45,000 cash and a quantity of clothing. He then made good his escape.

The matter was reported and the Police promptly responded.
The suspect has since been arrested.



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