$73.2B proposed to build world-class healthcare system in Guyana


A whopping $73.2B is proposed to build a modern and world-class healthcare system in Guyana, Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh has announced.

In addition to continuing the fight against the novel coronavirus, the sums will be used to invest in modern facilities and equipment to boost healthcare delivery across the country.

A total of $16.1 billion has been budgeted to launch a major expansion in public healthcare facilities. Of the amount allocated, $12.4 billion will be used for the design and construction of a state-of-the-art paediatric and maternal hospital, upgrading of the West Demerara and Bartica regional hospitals, and the construction of six modern regional hospitals at Anna Regina, Tuschen, Diamond, Enmore, Bath and No. 75 Village, Corentyne.

In excess of $6.8 billion has been allocated in 2022 for the national COVID-19 response which includes among other initiatives, the provision for an additional 260,000 doses of vaccines to be utilised for booster shots and those yet to be vaccinated.