72 to participate in Youth Parliament 2018

The youths during the 2017 debates
The youths during the 2017 debates

Some 72 participants including students from each administrative Region in Guyana are expected to be participating in this year’s Youth Parliament being held from the August 10 to 18, 2018.

The Parliament’s Office on Tuesday announced that three students from each Region will be selected to be their region’s representative with the exception of region four (4) which will be sending four students on their behalf.

The nine days event which will include training days is expected to see two days of heated debate.

The students will be debating motions on topical matters with the most important motion being presented on the oil and gas sector and how it can benefit Guyanese.

Former Youth Parliamentarian, Travis Bruce ,who participated in the first Youth Parliament in 2015 along with his organisation will be conducting a session on the role of Guyanese youths in achieving the sustainable development goals.

According to Bruce, his experience has developed him as a person, something he cannot wait for this year’s participants to experience.

“As it relates to my participation in previous years I would’ve been very much impressed with the way things were organised and executed. The first year I remember being a little in shallow water, I wasn’t sure what to expect but at the end of it, I was empowered to do so much more, not only in my school but also in the community level. So I think that this year is actually much better and I believe that the young people that are coming would not only be exposed to decorum and the etiquette that should be observed in the House but they will also be exposed to meeting new people and having new opportunities” the youth reflected.

According to Parliament’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Yannick December, this year’s event is expected to be bigger and much better than the previous years.

“This year is going to be bigger and better, we’ve put a lot of planning into this and we would like to encourage every one of you to follow us on our live streaming to see what it will be like. On our website there is a tab that states live streams so you can go follow the tabs. I’ll also ensure that I have the live stream link placed on our Facebook page to make it easier” the PRO encouraged.

Principle Assistant Secretary of Finance, Vanessa Paul highlighted that to conclude this year’s Youth Parliament, a grand reception will be held where the participants will be pinned by current Parliamentarians.

“The dinner and reception is scheduled for the 16th of August and at the reception the event will be focused on honouring our youth parliamentarian, with one of the main features being g the pinning of the Youth by our current parliamentarians”.

In excess of $5M was spent for the event last year, however even though the figure was not disclosed, this year is expected to be costlier.

Minister Raphael Trotman served as the Speaker of the first Youth Parliament. However, this year’s Speaker of the Assembly will be given to a former Youth Parliamentarian.



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