716 public officials yet to declare assets to Integrity Commission

Chairman of the Integrity Commission, Kumar Duraisami (middle) along with Commissioner Rosemary Benjamine-Noble and Secretary Amanda Jaisingh (File Photo)

Chairman of the Integrity Commission, Kumar Dorasami said there are still some 716 public officials who have not submitted their declarations. So far only 590 submissions were made.

According to the Chairman, while they have published five lists of public officers who are yet to make their declarations, there are two more lists to be published. These are from the Finance Ministry and the Judiciary.

He explained that the publications of these names seem to be effective since more defaulters have been filing their declarations when their identities are being made public.

Dorasami noted however that before the Commission can go after those remaining public officials, they first have to publish the two additional lists. Thereafter, he added, they will then need to hire investigators to look into defaulters before actions can be taken against them.

With no such staff, the Commission has since made recommendations for five investigators, but the Chairman noted that there may be need for additional support in the future.




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