$700M Popeyes branch opens on Camp Street – 44 new jobs created

The new $700M Camp Street facility
The new $700M Camp Street facility
The new $700M Camp Street facility

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Finance Minster Dr. Ashni Singh said the opening of the new $700 million Popeyes Restaurant Branch on Camp Street, signals continued investor confidence in Guyana and adds to the recent 700 jobs that were created by the entry of Guyana Gold Fields.

“I see this commissioning ceremony as significant because this restaurant represents an investment in excess of $700million and will create another 44 jobs, totalling almost 75 jobs created by Guyana Restaurants Inc, which excludes the other jobs created indirectly,” Minister Singh said.

“This investment creating over 40 jobs represents in my mind yet another manifestation of investor confidence being alive and well in Guyana, notwithstanding the impression that one may get sometimes if one were to believe everything they heard if they read some sections of the news,” Minster Singh opined.securedownload (2)

He added that he believes every such investment, whether it’s a new restaurant, new gold mine, or airline coming to Guyana; signals the existence of investor confidence and the process of transformation, and reason for optimism in the future.

 He further said, these investments should inspire in Guyanese citizens, the will to work even harder to protect what has been achieved as a country and build on it.

“Every time I hear the call that jobs need to be created, I agree and I retort that jobs are being created, 44 jobs today; just two weeks ago I visited Guyana Gold Fields operations … and 700 persons are employed on site. Right now, I received an update on the construction of a new call center on the East Bank Demerara by a Mexican company (Qualfon), this will create another 5000 jobs when it is opened in another few months,” the Minister said.

Ram Lalbadhur Singh, Chairman of Guyana Restaurants Inc., said the new restaurant, which opens to the public tomorrow, is the second under the Popeyes branch acquired by the company.

 “We acquired the first Popeyes on Vlissengen Road in August 2010 and because of good business and the continuous economic growth in Guyana, we have decided to expand to a second location.”

Singh added that in addition to employment, various suppliers will have the opportunity to provide food items to the restaurant, since all ingredients with the exception of spices are purchased locally.  Top class customer service up to international standards is expected.

A third Popeyes is expected to be opened in October at Water and America Streets and will create employment for another 50 persons.

Popeye’s Latin America Consultant, Luis Villasana was also present at the event.

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