$6M Cocaine Bribe: Senior cop transferred; Ramjattan vows rogue police will be jailed

Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.
Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force has confirmed that an Assistant Superintendent of Police has been transferred from Berbice to the Police Headquarters in Georgetown, following his involvement in the $6M bribe scandal.

A statement from the police force noted that the Police Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating an alleged corrupt transaction involving a number of police ranks following the seizure of a quantity of cocaine from a motor vehicle along the Corentyne, Berbice, on September 10, 2015.

While the senior cop was transferred, a Subordinate Officer and three Constables are under close arrest as the investigations continue.

iNews had reported that the ranks accepted a $6M bribe from drug dealers, to allow the clear passage of a minibus laden with cocaine and cash. Thus far, out of the four police ranks who are under close arrest in Berbice, only two are cooperating with investigators.

Additionally, the Assistant Superintendent of Police is under house arrest at the Tactical Services Unit of the Police Force Headquarters, where he is not permitted to leave the confines of the Headquarters.

Meanwhile, Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan has vowed that rogue cops within the Police Force will be dealt with the full force of the law.

He told iNews that while this issue reflects very badly on the Force, it brings to light the reality of corruption and exposes the fact that very senior officers are also part and parcel of corrupt practices.

“You cannot be fighting criminal and being a criminal at the same time,” said the Minister.

He further noted that when senior ranks are caught with their pants down, it motivates the junior ranks to speak up against corruption.Bribe

“When they get catch like this, the junior ranks are motivated, they know the senior ranks who are creating mischief and they are bringing it to the Force and I want that comfort level to remain there so that they can come forward with confidence and speak out when they see senior ranks doing crap and I see it as something that will motivate them to speak,” Minister Ramjattan said.

iNews understands that on the day the police took the $6 million bribe, they waited for three hours until the occupants of the minibus travelled to the city where they collected the cash.

It was reported that the cash was actually borrowed from a businessman who resides in Republic Park and was charged some time ago for murder; he subsequently walked scotch free in that matter.

Police sources stated that they cannot confirm if the drugs were the property of the businessman who provided the bribe money and if he was told by the occupants of the minibus of what they really wanted the money for.

A police source, who is close to the investigation, told iNews that on September 10, 2015, a few police ranks were performing patrol duties along the Corentyne corridor when they stopped a minibus which was loaded with cocaine and cash.

The police received a tip off that a route 63 minibus would usually be transporting drugs, guns and cash; they were provided with the vehicle number and the travel schedule for the very minibus.

iNews understands that the police ranks, while in the vicinity of Springlands, East Corentyne Berbice observed the vehicle and decided to stop it to execute a search.

It was during the search that the police discovered that the vehicle was indeed transporting a very large quantity of cocaine and cash at the time. It is alleged that the ranks on patrol, with the most senior one at the time being a police corporal, negotiated with the occupants of the vehicle.

It is being alleged that the negotiation led to the occupants of the vehicle handing over $6M in cash to the police ranks. The men then allowed the vehicle to continue its journey and even provided some amount of escort for the vehicle before returning to a Police Station along the Corentyne Coast.

iNews was told that while there, the ranks reportedly informed their most senior officer of the illegal transaction, after which he allegedly took a sum of the money.




  1. Is this headline correct ? ” Senior Cop transferred ” it is misleading and makes the entire episode look childish… and gives an impression of more corruption…. lock he rass up… jail him…. make a living example…. and the so called businessman needs to be hauled in interrogated and the Human Rights activists and players can say what they want after … it is like a game of chess… sacrifice him; take some public blows and move on… might go down in the human rights in the UN and USA as negative but hey… for the better… torture the bastard…have a pliers and squeeze his reproductive organs to speak… look, at the end of the day the present regime has taken and will be faced with the crookishness of the false statement of polls… torturing that drug smuggler can’t be worst PR…

  2. Make an example of these disgraceful excuses for police officers. Very long hard sentences are in order.Shameless frauds. The net must rope in all of the players including the businessman.

  3. This may be just one of many incidents as such come to light. I believe the entire forced needs to be reviewed. The ones that we should trust to protect our societies and youths are encouraging drugs and crimes..who else should we turn to? “You cannot be fighting criminal and being a criminal at the same time,” All the dark tinted police officers vehicle can rome freely while others with very light UV protected film has to bear consequences..just an simple example..

  4. Grassing against ”one of your own” and the ”grassers” have been identified could have serious consequences for the safety of the latter. Drug lords have no sympathy for anyone who causes disruption to their business, monetary and physical losses. In fact, they are not humans; they are just devoid of any sense of humanity. Those who exposed this illegal transaction, should be given 24 hour protection.

  5. This nonsense has to stop. These so call businessmen /drug dealers has to stop and the cops now know they are not safe doing the crimes themselves, and
    protecting the drug dealers

  6. The two most hated organisations with corrupt elements from the top executive right down to the subordinates are the GPF and GPL. For the GPL there are those in the Loss Reduction who have very close links to a bunch of corrupt elements in the Police force.

  7. Just shows the high level of corruption. You know honesty and integrity are personal traits. It’s only dishonest and greedy people portray that kind of behaviour. Shame just deal with the rogues

  8. Ramjhaat must disclose his local and foreign wealth before going after rich coppers. U will not believe the wealth of many in the police force. Then police banas will make rings around Jhaatan.


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