65 vehicles belonging to police officers stripped of tint-Traffic Chief


Traffic Chief Dion Moore said that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) Traffic Department has extended its tint campaign to include ranks of the force. The Traffic Chief was at the time speaking at the Department’s annual year-end press conference at the Traffic Headquarters Eve Leary.

Traffic Chief, Dion Moore

According to a release from the Department of Public Information (DPI) Moore pointed out that the Traffic Department throughout the year has clamped down on the vehicles with tint and as such police officers are not excluded.

“We have embarked on removing tints from those vehicles and we removed 65 police-owned vehicles that are tinted. I mean police-owned in their private capacity and 23 police vehicles that are slated for patrol purposes, we removed the tints from those vehicles as well,” Moore stated.

The removal of tint from police patrol vehicles came as a directive from the GPF’s administration which mandates that no police patrol vehicles are to be tinted. Additionally, Moore said that several police ranks involved in traffic accidents were charged and placed before the courts.

He stated that “with respect to the drivers who were involved in accidents, 23 were charged thus far for the year for fatal accidents, some in their private capacity as well.”

The Traffic Chief stated no one is above the law adding that if the GPF expects ordinary citizens to abide by the Law, then officers who break the law must also face similar consequences.


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