64-yr-old man perishes in Adelphi fire


– his 95-year-old mother was rescued from the blaze

By Andrew Carmichael 
A 95-year-old woman was rescued from her burning home Tuesday night but her 64-year-old son perished in the fire.
DEAD: Parsram Samaroo
DEAD: Parsram Samaroo

The dead man has been identified as Parsram Samaroo, also called ‘Isaac’. His charred remains were removed from the Lot 19 Adelphi, East Canje, Berbice premises shortly after midnight. Samaroo was confined to a bed and confined to the lower flat of the 10 x 16-foot two-storied wooden building.

The dead man’s 95-year-old mother Sherry-Ann Mangroo was rescued by a grandson. According to the pensioner, she was awoken by heat and smoke.
She told this publication that she managed to make it to the bedroom door. She got to the landing where she shouted for help.
Her 25-year-old grandson Raymond came to her rescue and lifted her to safety but by the time he went back to the house to get his uncle the lower flat was engulfed.
According to the 95-year-old woman, she kept her son on the lower flat of the two storied building because his illness confined him to a bed.
95-year-old Sherry-Ann Mangroo was rescued
95-year-old Sherry-Ann Mangroo was rescued

The woman said she cooks once per day and had done so several hours prior to the blaze which started in the lower flat of the building. The house had electricity attached to the upper flat.

Meanwhile, firefighters were able to save a nearby building which had already started to smoke when they arrived. After extinguishing the fire, Samaroo’s remains were discovered.
The dead man’s sister-in-law Shadroo Rampersaud witnessed the removal of the body.
An investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire.
Samaroo leaves to mourn his mother and three brothers; two of whom reside at Adelphi.
Raymond Samaroo rescued his grandmother from the burning building
Raymond Samaroo rescued his grandmother from the burning building


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