60-year-old remigrant nearly strangled to death by neighbour

Jamir Shabilrula was accused of choking the woman

A 60-year-old Berbician is now traumatized after her neighbour reportedly broke into her house during the wee hours of Monday morning and attempted to strangle her to death.

Based on reports received, Charamani Imrit (aka Lalita) was asleep in her Lot 47 West Canefield Settlement, East Coast Berbice home when she felt something pressing on her chest at approximately 02:15hrs on Monday.

The woman, who recently moved back to Guyana after spending years abroad, said that she noticed her neighbor, Jamir Shabilrula (aka Asif) standing besides her bed. Imrit recalled that she thought it was a shadow, because the man was not moving, he was just staring at her.

“I push me hand out fuh ensure is a shadow and he jump pon top me an start choking me long long long,” the woman tearfully said.

60-year-old Charamani Imrit

She told media operatives that she began screaming and calling on God, and so Shabilrula, she recalled, push the sheets in her mouth harshly, resulting in his nails scraping her gums.

Imrit recalled that she began to fight back and scratched his eyes, causing him to release her and jump out of the bedroom window, landing on an old shed, which then broke down from his weight.

The elderly woman said that upon peeping out, she noticed the mother and brother of Shabilrula running over from their home opposite hers, and heard them say “we come to save you from her.”

“I tell them is he was choking me.”

Imrit subsequently informed the Reliance Police Station, and it was until officers arrived that she noticed that the perpetrator’s chain had burst and was lying on her bed, while the sheets had blood from when she was scraped.

Shabirula was taken into police custody after he admitted to ranks that the chain belonged to him.

The victim said that weeks prior to the incident, the man had threatened to chop her up.

Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi)


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