6-year-old child dies from falling goalpost at school sports practice

Dead: Glenshaw Skeete

A 6-year-old child is now dead after being crushed by a fallen goal post during a school sports practice session held at the Plaisance Community Ground earlier on Wednesday.

Dead is Glenshaw Skeete of Graham Street, Plaisance, East Coast Demerara. He was a student of the St Paul’s Primary School.

While details surrounding his demise remains sketchy, INews was told that the child suffered a fatal blow to the head by a fallen “post.”

The mother of the now dead Glenshaw Skeete was inconsolable at the Georgetown Public Hospital

Skeete’s distraught parents were unable to coherently speak to media operatives at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Wednesday.

However, the child’s father did say that he was taken to school by his mother on Wednesday, as per normal, and he only received a call informing him of his son’s death at around 12:00hrs.


Moreover, Skeete’s mother, whom is 9 months pregnant, was frantic as she sobbed over the loss of her son. She was heard saying that she had informed her now dead son’s teachers that he was not going to be attending sports.

“I tell them he ain’t going sports. Why he ga practice if he ain’t going?!” the woman questioned in tears.

Medical officials and others were seen making attempts to calm the woman, as they explained to the media that she is due to give birth anytime soon.

More details will be provided in a subsequent report. (Ramona Luthi)


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