6 arrested as investigation continues into death of WCB taxi driver

Dead Mohamed Haniff

As the Police Force continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a 47-year-old taxi driver of West Coast Berbice (WCB), the man’s wife and son are among six persons in custody assisting with the probe.

Mohamed Haniff, of Experiment WCB, was found dead in home.

His wife, Basmattie Gopaul told investigators her husband was killed by three men who entered their home and demanded money and jewellery.

However, police subsequently arrested Gopaul after she gave conflicting reports as to what transpired.

After the bandits reportedly left, the wife did not call her son nor her daughter who lives next door, but rather telephoned a friend who lives several villages away.

At the New Amsterdam Hospital, the woman reportedly told someone that three men of African-descent had entered the house but later changed the story to say she did not see who it was that entered the house.

The couple’s daughter Bibi Haniff who lives next door with her husband revealed that her father returned from St. Martin a week ago and had approximately US$8000 as well as gold jewellery which he kept hidden from his wife.

There have been reports that Gopaul was in financial difficulties and had pawned the house unknowing to her husband.

Haniff denied those allegations.

Crime Chief Wendell bBlanhum told this publication that the police have arrested four other persons who are assisting with the investigation while the wife and son remain in custody.