$5B set aside for Sheriff Street upgrade – Indian Gov’t to build new road link between Ogle and Diamond


The Government has announced that more than $5B will be invested for the “reconstruction” of  Sheriff Street in Georgetown.

It also announced that a US$50M loan will soon be signed with the Indian Government to build a new road link between Ogle on the East Coast of Demerara,  and Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara.

Finance Minister Winston Jordan, during his Budget presentation this afternoon, said $2.3B will also be invested to upgrade the West Coast Demerara Road from Parika to Vreed-en-Hoop; while negotiations with Chinese Government are being finalised for the East Coast Highway construction.

According to Minister Jordan, $14.4 billion has been budgeted for the continued upgrade, expansion and rehabilitation of roads and bridges across Guyana.



  1. Really –this regime is doing for one group of ppl and one group only their kind-very soon we will many see more with beri beri walking in GT.the white mouth stretch from ear to ear.

  2. There you go again open you big mouth without knowing the facts–Stanley the ping another moron just another business man has nothing to do with any road from Ogle to Diamond.In guess you godfather will bring dem from Angola to build the roads.

  3. This project was planned by STANLY MING yrs ago,the 3p have nothing to do with this,nether the lethem trail,that was developed by Terrence Fletcher,them the 3p along with the Brazil government completed the project,

  4. Any project is the people of Guyana project,what ever government is in off is obligated to serve its citizens, according to you it was the 3p pocket money was going to be spent,JACK???, instead of complementing the development and think as a Guyanese you are still stuck in the after effects of the election results,any development is betterment for all Guyanese,what you and others was hoping for is to continue thiefing and filling the Florida accounts, Spoil child!!!

  5. All are Guyana’s projects. Did you expect them to routinely abandon all projects initiated under the PPP? Some of them are bound to have merit and lead to betterment. The same way some projects were started under the PPP its the same way the Venezuelans planned to abandon the Petrocaribe agreement during the PPP’s tenure. This materialized under APNU/AFC so according to the PPP it is entirely APNU/AFC’s fault. Crime also started under the APNU/AFC and everything was fine when the learned Mr Rohee was Home Affairs Minister according to the PPP line. Why do some grown people think like children? You folks need to do a lot of growing up.

  6. Taking credit for another administration’s work, this coalition government has not made the cut. What they were hopeful for was that Exxon would start drilling for oil immediately on taking office and would have access to bigger finances. However they were deceived into making a back door agreement with oil being the motivating factor. Exxon will not drill for oil until the price of oil starts to rise, so for now no oil money for Guyana. What we have to be careful with is this administration acquiring loans from the likes of Exxon etc. Selling our oil before it even comes up from the well. Their thirst for power and money to fool the populace is what will be the downfall of this defacto administration.

  7. This is NOT a new initiative – linking Ogle on the East Coast of Demerara, and Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara- by this deceitful administration as this project was already far advanced by the previous administration. It is also the same with the widening and upgrade of of the Vreed-en-Hoop to Hydronie road. They have been blocking every other major projects when in opposition. Now that they are in office, hopefully they can see the folly/shortsightedness/vindictiveness of their decisions.


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