59-Y-O man hospitalised after drinking “bitters” given to him by girlfriend


A Belle West, West Bank Demerara (WBD) man was admitted a patient at the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH) on Saturday after he reportedly drank a liquid suspected to be bitters from a bottle given to him by a female.

The injured man, 59-year-old Clarence Charles, reportedly telephoned the police and informed them that he had ingested a liquid and was not feeling well. Without hesitation, several ranks went to the location where they observed Charles lying in front of a house.

As such, he was picked up by the ranks and taken to the WDRH where he was examined, treated and admitted in stable condition.

Police investigation revealed that Charles was given a bottle of “bitters” by his girlfriend about two months ago which he regularly drank until Saturday when he started to feel ill.

Nevertheless, several tests are expected to be conducted to determine the reason for his illness and if the “bitters” was responsible for his present condition.

Police have since attempted to contact the girlfriend but this has proven futile. An investigation is underway. Meanwhile, up to press time, the man remains a patient at the hospital and is being monitored.