50th Republic Anniversary celebrations: PPP, President hail significance of Mashramani

The altered flag in question

Both the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and President David Granger have urged unity in their messages ahead of Guyana’s 50th Republic Anniversary.

According to the PPP in its message, it will be hitting the road to celebrate this year’s Mashramani under the theme “Guyana Together – Reflect, Celebrate and Transform”. The party noted that it coincides with the elections campaign theme “Stronger Together For a Better Guyana”.

Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

In anticipation of a PPP/C victory at the March 2, 2020, General and Regional Elections, the PPP/C said that it is proud to announce its participation in the Mashramani Float Parade under the theme, “Stronger Together”. This theme, it said, encapsulates the party’s vision for a better Guyana. “The PPP/C, the only national political party in Guyana, supports unity through celebrations like Mashramani.”

“We believe that events such as these create opportunities to bring Guyanese together and showcase their creative talents,” the party said, urging persons wishing to be part of the contingent to make contact with former Member of Parliament Joe Hamilton on 651-1414 or Priya Chetram on 621-1361.

Meanwhile, President David Granger in his Republic Day message noted that the 50th Anniversary of the Republic celebrates an auspicious event designed to evoke emotions of pride and patriotism.

President David Granger

In his message, he used the opportunity to campaign for his party and cited the “Decade of Development”, a constant feature on the campaign trail.  Citing Guyana’s national patrimony and agenda, he noted that there is much hope for the future.

“Statehood represented a substantive fulfilment of our people’s aspirations to chart their own destiny by refashioning their social and economic relations, introducing new national institutions, affirming sovereignty and advancing towards the goal of self-reliance.”

“Statehood brought us to the realisation that the common good is greater than the sum of our individual interests. Our country has progressed over the past fifty years on the basis of this principle. It will continue along this path during the Decade ahead.”

The President also noted in his address that the 50th Republic Anniversary and the celebrations that mark it are an occasion for Guyanese to set aside their differences and unite in the common good.