50 years of Independence should motivate us to work harder – Dharmic Sabha



As we celebrate Guyana’s 50th Independence, it is necessary for us to reflect on our history with the aim of understanding the common struggle which resulted in us casting off the shackles of subservience and rising as an independent country. Guyana’s pre-independence years were fraught with hardship and resulted in our fore-parents taking a resolute stance against colonialism. Many of Guyana’s sons and daughters lost their lives in our struggle for independence. As we observe this 50th milestone, we reminisce on their valour and indefatigable spirit.

A sea of evolutionary changes occurred in the post–independence years. There were obstacles to real development and progress. The serious economic hardship, crime and loss of equal opportunities and democracy in the first two decades resulted in the consistent migration of many Guyanese families. It was the resilience of remaining Guyanese that shone as they are managed to contribute positively in diverse spheres of our country.

After years of struggle and development, we celebrate our festivals together and enjoy the many faceted cultures, norms and traditions of all the peoples of Guyana. We must move forward with that same tenacity and fortitude displayed by our foreparents. There are new challenges and difficulties but our spirit must never be vanquished. We must see theattainment of 50 years as a milestone of our evolution as a people and country.

The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha will continue to play its role of contributing in a sterling manner to the Hindu community and all of Guyana through its impacting and diverse programmes, initiatives and events. The Sabha has an impressive 42 year history of contributing to the cultural, social and religious landscape of Guyana and our vision encompasses many more years of service as we evolve to meet the many challenges and developments in Guyana and the world. 50 years as an independent country should motivate us to work harder and more diligently to achieve the ideals of togetherness, productivity, equal opportunities, understanding, sustained peace, mutual respect and sound value systems and principles for our children, youth, adults, families, communities and country.

Happy 50th independence and may our beautiful land Guyana and all our peoples be forever blessed.




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