5 Policemen appear in Court on robbery charges


Five Policemen were slapped with robbery charges on Tuesday when they appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Magistrate Judy Latchman.

The Policemen: Constable Kofi Arthur, 25; Constable Raphael Lowenfield, 25; Constable Akeem Thompson, 21; Lance Corporal Mark Fernandez, 34 and Constable Delroy Duncan, 23, all pleaded not guilty to the charges which stated that on July 25 at Timehri, East Bank Demerara, they robbed Urie Samuels of six pennyweight raw gold valued $66,000 and Sherman Nowel of five pennyweight raw gold valued $55,000 and four pennyweight of raw gold valued $44,000, belonging to Harillal Gildarie.

The five accused Policemen
The five accused Policemen

Defence Attorney Patrice Henry, in a bail application, told the Court that the Policemen were on patrol on the day in question when they carried out a search with instructions at the military base camp on the Virtual Complainants, but did not discover anything illegal on them. It was then the Policemen decided to set them free. It was not until three days later, allegations of robbery were laid against the Policemen.

The Policemen were released on $600,000 bail each. However, after the Magistrate indicated the bail amount, Attorney Henry made several applications for a reduction in bail, but those submissions were overruled.

The prosecution did not object to bail, but requested that the defendants lodge their passports. The case will continue on August 15.







  1. This is an embarrassment . I hope they would clamp down on the traffic policemen that are daily targeting the mini bus and taxi drivers. I was in four differrent vehicles for the past few days and witness the same cold, calculated tactic. . The last vehicle back tire was blown out and the driver pull over and changed it. Fifteen minutes after the bus was going 35 mph and the traffic police stop the bus and showed us his meter showed 64 . The driver was taken in to the outpost and had to hand over $2000.00 to prevent a court date. I as a passenger felt like I was robbed. These traffic policemen only have on their uniform no other form of identification. I hope a pay raise will help eliminate this problem. I love and respect our Policemen because they risk their lives daily but these traffic policemen are really scaring the weave off my head.

  2. Criminals in uniform, Jail them for a long time, to the good men and women in uniform CONGRATS and keep up the great job,we are all proud of you,,


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