$45M worth of ganja destroyed


Police in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) have destroyed $45M worth of ganja during a drug eradication exercise on Wednesday along the Berbice River.

Two plots of cannabis farms were discovered along the Berbice River during the first part of the exercise.

The farms measured approximately one acre each. About 10,000 plants in total were cultivated on the two farms, with the cannabis plants measuring between 1-5 feet in height, and with an average weight of 250lbs.

The estimated value of the eradicated cannabis at this location is approximately $7,500,000. Both farms were destroyed by fire during the police exercise.

As the police ranks continued their operation along the Berbice River, another ganja farm was discovered at Gateroy Village.

This farm was about six acres with approximately 50,000 plants ranging between 1-6 feet in height with a weight of about 1,250 pounds. There were also two makeshift camps. The cannabis and camps were destroyed by fire.

The estimated value of the eradicated cannabis at the farm at Gateroy Village is $37,500,000.

The total weight of all the cannabis eradicated at both locations during the exercise is approximately 1,500 pounds with a value of $45,000,000.