43 bridges reinstated by CH&PA


Under the Adequate Housing and Urban Accessibility Program (AHUAP), through the Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP), a total of 43 bridges have been re-instated in Block ‘X’ Liliendaal (Section A), Section ‘B’ Pattensen and Section ‘C’ Cummings Lodge (Cummings Park) by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA).

Today, three of Project Affected Persons (PAPs) set the stage with the signing of their Entitlement Agreements to denote the restoration of their property. These individuals are: Ms. Sharon Smith of Lot 542 Section ‘A’ Liliendaal; Ms. Inez Austin of Lot 1309 Cummings Park and Mr. Andre Stoll of Lot 285 Section ‘A’ Liliendaal; whose bridges were dismantled under Phase One of AHUAP.

The agreements were signed by Chief Executive Officer of CH&PA, Mr. Sherwyn Greaves and the affected persons, following a detailed explanation of the agreement terms by Legal Officer attached to CH&PA, Ms. Janel Lindie.

Other persons present at the signing were Community Development Officer III, Ms. Shennel Moore; Community Development Officer II, Ms. Carnesehia Pereira and Environmental and Social Safeguard Technical Officer, Mr. Christopher Singh.

The Livelihood Restoration Plan is designed to ensure that all individuals displaced by the program activities have their socio-economic conditions re-established or improved.

According to the eligibility criteria, “those who have formal legal rights to the land (i.e. Landowners and Formal land users will be entitled to: Re-instated structure at full replacement cost (established by CH&PA Engineers) for inventoried immovable residential structures (i.e. concrete structures including drains, fences and bridges only), only where such drains, bridges and fences would not be replaced and/or upgraded as part of the AHUAP scope of works”.