42 businesses warned about breaching Covid-19 guidelines

A section of Regent Street, Georgetown - one of the busiest shopping districts in the city

Response to Private Sector Commission Chairman’s Statements Appearing in Media In Relation to Breach of COVID-19 Guidelines by Palm Court Restaurant & Bar

The Ministry of Health and the National COVID-19 Task Force Secretariat (NCTFS) have
taken note of certain statements made by Private Sector Chairman (PSC) Mr. Nicholas
Boyer in relation to the breach of COVID-19 Guidelines by Palm Court Restaurant and Bar,
located on Main Street, Georgetown, as reported in several local media houses.

As a consequence, the Ministry and the Task Force hereby state the following as it relates
to the circumstances in general surrounding the correspondence which was issued to the
Palm Court Restaurant & Bar, as well as the PSC Chairman’s comments in particular:

1. The NCTFS has thus far sent first letters of warning to a total of 42 businesses regarding
breaches of COVID-19 Guidelines. Among those 42, a total of 20 of them have been issued
with final warning letters for continued breaches.

2. The Ministry and the NCTFS do not disclose any warning letters to the media and have
certainly not done so as regards the ones issued to Palm Court Restaurant and Bar. This
will continue to be the modus operandi of the Ministry and the Task Force regarding the
issuance of such correspondence.

3. Mr. Boyer appears to claim that the PSC has responded to the NCTFS, but as of the time
of this statement, such correspondence has not yet been received by the Ministry or the
Task Force Secretariat.

4. The PSC plays a vital role as part of the Task Force and the Ministry believes that the
matter concerning the Palm Court Restaurant and Bar could be resolved mutually and
collaboratively as done by other businesses that were written to.

5. The Ministry and the NCTFS kindly encourage the PSC against taking any decision to
withdraw from the Task Force, as the Government of Guyana has purposely chosen an
inclusive approach, not only to the composition of the NCTFS, but also to the ongoing
national COVID-19 response.

6. As the PSC correctly pointed out, the mandate of the NCTFS was given by none other
than the President of Guyana, His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, and both the Task
Force Chairman, Prime Minister Hon. Brigadier (rtd.) Mark Phillips, and Co-Chairman,
Minister of Health Hon. Dr. Frank Anthony, believe that every citizen and every sector,
including the PSC Chairman and the entire Commission, must play their part to ensure
this mandate is achieved.