40 restaurants granted approval for 40% indoor dining capacity


The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) in its capacity to inspect restaurants for adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines as per the current National COVID-19 Emergency Measures has since approved 40 restaurants to reopen at a 40% capacity for indoor dining. Georgetown, being the most populated area with, understandably, the majority of restaurants was prioritised. The following is a complete list of restaurants which have since been granted approvals:

January 16-17, 2021

●   Aspire+ Hotel

●   Beacon Cafe & Eatery

●   Brown’s Cafe, Pegasus

●   Cafe Bellvana

●   Caribbean Inn Restaurant, Grand Coastal Inn

●   Church’s Chicken, Avenue of the Republic

●   Giftland Mall Foodcourt

●   Nice Restaurant, Status International Hotel

●   OMG Restaurant

●   Playland Americano Italiano

●   Popeye’s Chicken & Seafood, Camp Street

●   Popeye’s Chicken & Seafood, Water Street

●   Popeye’s Chicken & Seafood, Vlissengen Road

●   Qik Serv, Main Street

●   Sucre Restaurant, Herdmanston Lodge

●   Terra Mare Restaurant, Guyana Marriott Hotel

●   The Lime Restaurant & Lounge, Park Vue Hotel

●   Royal Restaurant, Georgetown Ramada Princess Hotel

●   Backyard Cafe

●   Bistro Cafe & Bar, King’s Hotel & Residences

●   Creme Select Ice Cream Lounge

●   Demico Qik Serv, Camp Street

●   Demico Qik Serv, Croal Street

●   Hard Rock Cafe

●   Hilton Restaurant

●   Idaho, Stabroek Demico house

●   Jaxx International Grill

●   Church’s Chicken, Camp & Middle Street

●   Regency Suites Hotel

●   The Duke Restaurant, Duke Lodge

●   The Original Palm Court

January 18 – 26, 2021

●   Church’s Chicken, Camp & Robb Street

●   Church’s Chicken, Hinck Street

●   The Hibiscus Restaurant & Lounge

●   B&S Restaurant

●   Church’s Chicken, Parika

●   Royal Castle, Sheriff Street

●   Royal Castle, Regent Street

●   Starbuds Restaurant

●   The Coffee Bean

Patrons are encouraged to only participate in indoor dining at those restaurants which have been approved by the GTA. Approved restaurants are marked with official signage provided by the GTA indicating that they have reopened safely for indoor dining and the maximum capacity that is permitted to dine. Restaurants that fail to adhere to the stipulated measures as outlined by the Guyana Tourism Authority and the National Gazetted safety measures will be subject to immediate closure for a period of one month. Follow up unannounced inspections will be conducted as part of the monitoring systems established by the GTA.

The GTA through its inspections activities have noted that quite a few restaurant establishments have also made the decision not to offer indoor dining, simply because of the safety protocols required and shared their businesses are performing well with outdoor dining, curbside pickup and delivery services. In such cases, Restaurants are asked to place public signs to advise patrons of their decision.

Tourism Businesses and Restaurants are required to follow a 2-step process to secure conditional approval for a safe reopening of their business. The 2-step process entails:

●    Submission of a business’s written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to the GTA for a desk review.

●    On-site inspection of businesses to verify the implementation of the SOPs and conditional approval by the GTA.

Businesses that already have their internal SOP template are required to submit these which must clearly outline the specific hygiene and sanitation protocols in place. An official GTA template will be made available to those who need additional guidance in completing same.

Additionally, the GTA is happy to announce that Evergreen Adventures has been inspected and granted its conditional approval, which is tied to the National COVID-19 measures and GTA’s recommended Hygiene and Sanitation Protocols and can now commence welcoming travellers to their offices and hosting them on tours. This brings the total to sixteen (16) tourism businesses that have received conditional approval to reopen and are marked as Safe for Travel since December 1, 2020.

Both restaurants and Tourism Accommodation Establishments (Hotels) are encouraged to submit their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to Micheala Lindore (+592-696-8959 or +592 219 0055), Tourism Business Support Officer within the GTA at  [email protected]  and copy Carla James, Director of the GTA at  [email protected] This will form the basis of the desk review and on-site inspection.