4 wanted for armed robbery at Chinese Supermarket; security guard detained


The crime scene [Kaieteur News photo]
The Guyana Police Force says it is investigating the robbery under arms committed on a 48-year-old Chinese national who is the owner of the Eugo Supermarket located at Melanie North, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

The incident, which occurred on Tuesday night at around 19:30hrs, was committed by four masked men, three of whom were armed with guns. They managed to escape with $1.4M in cash, a Samsung S8 cellphone, a quantity of Digicel phone cards, and a DVR.

Reports are that the proprietor along with five employees [all of whom are Chinese nationals] were in the supermarket when one of the suspects entered and purchased two bottles of Guinness.

He then went outside where he called the other three suspects into the supermarket.

During this time, one of the perpetrators approached a lone security guard who was on duty and relieved him of his 12-gauge single-barrel shotgun which had five live rounds.

The 21-year-old security guard of Bachelors Adventure, ECD, has since been arrested and placed in police custody assisting with the investigations.

Meanwhile, after relieving the security officer of his gun, the perpetrators held the businessman and his employees at gunpoint. One of the gunmen then lashed an employee to the head while another suspect shot the businessman to the left leg.

The suspects then made their escape. When law enforcement officials responded to the crime, checks were made in the building and the area but the suspects were not found.

The GPF said a 23-year-old university student, who was in the area, revealed that four masked men had confronted him whilst he was driving his car. However, the student said he took evasive action to avoid the suspicious men. As a result, the gunmen discharged a round in his direction but luckily, the bullet missed the student and his car. The young man then drove to the Vigilance Police Station where he made a report.

Meanwhile, both of the injured victims were escorted to a private city hospital where they were treated and sent away.

Police are currently searching for the four gunmen. Investigations are ongoing.