4 questioned as Police probing School of the Nations threats, Director’s shooting

Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, DSS, DSM
Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, DSS, DSM

As the Guyana police Force continues investigations into alleged threats made against School of the Nations and the subsequent shooting of its Director, Dr Brian O’Toole, four persons have been questioned so far.

“We have seen the shooting of the Principal Mr O’Toole and we have embarked on an investigation…what I can say is that we have taken some action and have contacted a few persons, there are a few others we are contacting and it is an ongoing investigation” Police Commissioner, Leslie James said.

According to the Top Cop, those four persons were both current and former students of the private school.  He noted that as the probe continues, investigators are making progress.

“We’ve been having been having cooperation, we can say that it’s a progressive investigation…it’s a matter where there will have to eventually be confrontation because of what is alleged so eventually, I am sure that it will happen. As you know, we have disclosed in the past and we do still have a separate crime unit that is very active in this investigation. We have also sought and got some assistance to help the Guyana Police Force” James said.

Furthermore, the Top Cop noted that investigators are still trying to ascertain whether the threats against the school, which were posted on social media, is linked to the shooting of its Director.

“We have not seen such but the fact that someone was shot and he is the principal of that school, we have considered that it can be a link. However, when we spoke to Mr O’Toole, based on his description and explanation, it seems as though we are looking for a different person” James disclosed.



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