4 arrested following seizure of ‘go-fast’ vessel


Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn, visited the Rumiveldt Wharf yesterday to inspect a semi-submersible vessel recently seized during a joint operation in the North West District.

Accompanied by Senior Superintendent Ewart Wray, Inspector Garfield Anthony, and Sergeant Mc Donald, Minister Benn received a firsthand look at the confiscated semi-submersible. The vessel was transported to Georgetown under the vigilant supervision of Inspector Felix on a tug and barge.

“This seizure represents a significant blow against illegal maritime activities in our territorial waters,” Minister Benn stated. “Our joint security forces remain vigilant and will continue to crack down on any attempts to engage in nefarious operations that threaten our national security”.

On April 20, 2024, a joint operation was conducted in the Panaima Creek area off the Port Kaituma River, where authorities discovered the semi-submersible vessel camouflaged with troolie leaves suspected of involvement in narcotics trafficking.

Additionally, a go-fast vessel was also seized by a joint police operation, resulting in the arrest of four persons, including one Colombian national. Investigations into both seizures are progressing.

The Ministry of Home Affairs reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding the nation’s borders and territorial integrity, employing robust measures to combat illicit activities that undermine the rule of law and public safety.