$3M reward for clues on WCB murders not an admission of failure – Police Force

Murdered: Joel Henry, Isaiah Henry, Haresh Singh
Murdered: Joel Henry, Isaiah Henry, Haresh Singh

Statement from the Guyana Police Force on recent comments made by Attorney Nigel Hughes who is representing the family of the murdered Henry boys:

The Guyana Police Force(G.P.F) notes with much concern the irresponsible pronouncements made by Mr. Nigel Hughes concerning the police investigations into the murder of Isaiah Henry, Joel Henry and Haresh Singh following the Force’s offering of a monetary reward to the public for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators.

It should be iterated that the offering of a reward by the G.P.F is not in anyway an admission of failure as stated by Mr. Hughes, but rather a further effort by the police in their investigation with a view to solving these crimes.

Further, a monetary reward made by a law enforcement agency for information from the public leading to the solving of a crime is an internationally recognized and accepted method to assist criminal investigators and is one that has been utilized from time immemorial.

While the G.P.F is unsure of the agenda of Mr.  Hughes, and does not wish to speculate, what is certain is that his unfortunate utterances are neither in the best interest of the current investigations, nor the consolation of the bereaved family on whose behalf he is acting since such statements have the propensity to undermine the public’s confidence in the G.P.F and the investigations.

Its investigation into the murders the G.P.F has received significant assistance from a R.S.S team of investigators who have opined that the Police has done extensive work in the probe and has the competence to see it to completion.

The G.P.F is continuing diligently and is assuring the public that it will remain resolute in its assiduous efforts.