39 road deaths so far for 2016…speeding, drunk driving major causes – Traffic Chief


Thus far for the year 2016, a total of 8104 drivers have been prosecuted for speeding and 656 for being under the influence of alcohol, according to the Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Chief (ag), Budnarine Persaud.

Persaud also cited non-compliance of safety laws and recklessness as major causes of  road accidents.

The Traffic Chief was quoted by the Government Information Agency (GINA) as saying that 10 motorcyclists and three pillion riders have been killed in accidents thus far for this year.

Statistics show that there has been an increase in the number of road fatalities. There were 38 accidents with 39 deaths for the period January to April, in comparison to 22 accidents and 31 deaths in 2015 for the same period.accident_0

“Most of these accidents where motor cyclists were killed, it would have resulted from some degree of recklessness because in some cases they were speeding, in some cases alcohol was involved and most of the time, they were not wearing safety helmets,” Persaud explained.

“I could recall one where a cyclist was riding at a fast rate; he lost control, fell off his motorcycle and skidded into a parked motor vehicle causing his death. He was not wearing a helmet,” Persaud stated.

Persaud noted that currently, the Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department is carrying out campaigns using radar guns and breathalyzers.  “Our people are not thinking safety, and if we need to stop this carnage we need to think safety,” he stated.

Additionally, Persaud noted that road safety awareness programmes which include drivers’ seminars, lectures to school children, distribution of flyers, exhibitions and radio and television programmes will continue.



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