350 new house lots for Charity


Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal on Monday announced that 350 new house lots will be distributed in Charity, Pomeroon-Supenaam (Region Two), as the Government seeks to fulfil its promise of providing 50,000 house lots over five years.

The Minister was at the time addressing the National Assembly as the Government sought approval for its $23 billion supplementary budget.

“We will be in Region Number Two next week on the 25th to allocate 350 lots in Charity,” Minister Croal said, noting that it is part of a robust initiative of empowering people through land ownership.

The Ministry of is seeking $2,838,000,000 to continue its housing projects. Minister Croal told the Committee of Supply that there are 18 areas countrywide with ongoing developmental works for new housing schemes or newly allocated lands, that will benefit from the sums.

“The $2.8 billion being asked at this time is part of the costs that will go towards the ongoing contracts that we’ve signed to the tune of $14.3 million, and all of the areas are for new openings.

“So, some would have commenced last year, on the last emergency budget, and continued into this year and the others are for the opening of new lands for allocations that have been made, including applications that were made under the APNU.”

Some of these areas include Experiment, Diamond, Providence, Hampshire, Cornelia Ida and Edinburgh.

The Minister said the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) will continue executing works to meet the PPP/C Government’s manifesto target of allocating a minimum of 10,000 house lots per year.

The Government, mere months after being elected to office has distributed 4000 house lots. It is expected to continue along this progressive path to achieve the goal of homeownership for Guyanese.