$34M speed boat landing for Supenaam stelling in the pipeline- Regional Chairman

By: Indrawattie Natram
Speed boat operators plying their trade within the Region two to Region three district will be able to offload passengers in a more comfortable environment in the foreseeable future since the Region Two administration has allocated $34 million from it’s Capital budget to construct a boat landing.
Region Two Chairman Devanand Ramdatt
This is according to Region two Chairman Devanand Ramdatt during an interview with media operatives on Friday.
Ramdatt said that the multi-million-dollar project falls directly under the Region’s Capital budget and is intended to benefit many persons.
He was at the time speaking on major capital projects that will be executed in 2018.
Ramdatt could not say exactly when the project will be awarded but he said it is his wish that this happens early so that the project will be completed in a timely manner.
The Regional Chairman said, after the awarding is done then, there will be continuous consultations with residents as well as major stakeholders.
“Once a project is funded by taxpayers then we at the Region should be accountable, as such, my office as well as the office of the Regional Vice Chairman will be opened to the public should there be any questions relating to the project” Ramdatt said.
He posited that the project came at a time when the mooring structures at the stelling are deteriorating and often times passengers utilising the “water taxis” are inconvenienced as they try to board and exit the vessels.
According to the  Region Two Chairman, the RDC has recognized the need for proper entry ports so that residents as well as visitors can benefit.
The boat landing he said will be a state of the art one and will be a significant development for the Region.


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