3-yr-old girl sexually molested in Berbice


 – mother, male friend arrested

A mother is now in custody following the discovery that her 3-year-old daughter was sexually molested.

The woman, who is from Corriverton in Region Six, was taken into custody along with a male friend after she reported to the Springlands Police Station that her infant was bleeding profusely from the vagina.

According to Police Divisional Commander Ian Amsterdam, the mother of the child had not given Police the name of any suspect who may have committed the act, and as such she was taken into custody.

Amsterdam said following investigations, the woman’s siblings provided information which led to the arrest of the male friend. He said it was revealed that relatives reported that the man had “some interactions” with the child’s mother earlier in the day.

The investigations are continuing.


  1. I totally agree with you as I myself am angry beyond words or emotion. Something has got to be done. Some of these young mothers do not deserve having children in their care. And as for this monster, have him castrated in front of the public with a very dull unsharpened knife and let him feel for his crime. And then put out his eyes that he never sees the light of day. They need such kind of punishments. I am a dad and my heart feels for that little angel. What is the laid back government planning to do with such criminals?

    This man needs to have his——cut off and hang around his neck!
    Then jailed or executed. And I heard the now Guyana president announced that he is not reinstating the death penalty? A message and an example needs to be sent out to these low life creatures. That’s a baby yes. If it was my little girl, he would have walked around without a limb and his body part missing! Something has got to be done. He better repent in jail and give his life to Christ, or Rot in hell for all eternity! Hoor the authorities put him away forever because these monsters don’t get rehabitated….!

  3. This is sickening, this is a baby. This creature needs Life in Prison, this mother needs to be evaluated , her self esteem is in the gutter. Why would anyone protect an evil , heartless creature who hurt your baby. His picture should be made public he probably hurt many children in the past.


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