3 years jail for Farmer caught with 18 grammes of Marijuana

Clifford Nathaniel
Clifford Nathaniel
Clifford Nathaniel

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A man from Monkey Mountain in Region 8 was sentenced to three years imprisonment on Thursday, August 27, after he pleaded guilty to the offense of possession of narcotics for the purpose of tracking before Magistrate Ann McLennan.

The court heard that 25 – year – old Clifford Nathaniel was found with 18 grammes of marijuana while at the Monkey Mountain Police Station on August 23.

According to the prosecution, on the day in question, Nathaniel was involved in a heated argument with several persons and behaved disorderly when the police were summoned.

He was subsequently taken to the Police station where he was searched and the police discovered in the left side pocket of his bag, a white plastic bag with a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems, suspected to be cannabis.

The Prosecution explained that the street value for the drugs amounts to $27,000. After given a chance to say something, Nathaniel told the Magistrate that he is the owner of the drugs and he decided to plant the illegal substance since he is a farmer, to make additional money.

In addition to the three year sentence, he was fined $5000.



  1. In this day and age,this judge is misinformed he got a grudge,this is personal and ignorance.the medical benefits that is known today about cannabis,This judge need some judging .LOL.

  2. How come when u do an arm robbery and thief 8M dollars you get community service u have small portion of illegal product you get 3 years. How can that be fair.

  3. Andrea Gomes walk out the court a FREE man after all charges were dropped, murder is not a problem ,18 grams of bush is worse,,,,JUSTICE verses poverty,,,,,

  4. honestly 18 grams cost $27000?. they will always try to make these peoples lives hard … i saw an article in the TIMES and the man says a lb sells for 40000 and he rather do that as a farmer than to struggle .

  5. I think it is time this new government come to realise that the world is in support of marijuana and sending a young man to jail for 3 years insted of looking for a program to make it better there are destroying they young lives the president USA talk about it most recent at a conference

  6. I don’t do any kind of drugs or condone the use of it but 3 years prison for 18 grammes of cannabis is absolutely ridiculous!!!! My grandfather gets a legal dose of it for his glaucoma, my grandmother has for cancer. The days of these kinds of sentences should be over.

  7. Marijuana Should Be Made Legal In Guyana:

    I take no issue with someone who is found with ONE bag, or the street portion, that can be bought to smoke immediately.

    Marijuana taken medicinally, and prescribed by a certified medical practitioner, have been proven to ease mental/physical chronic pain.

    This is so in several states within the USA and Europe.

    So our government should be petitioned to STOP, and re-consider making this a
    non- criminal offense.


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