3-year-old in dire need of blood


The parents of three-year-old Chayanne Parboo and the Saving Hands Emergency Aid (SHEA), a charity healthcare organization, are pleading to the public to donate blood to the young girl who is presently hospitalised and in a critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Young Parboo is required to have a bone marrow test done to diagnose her condition, but due to her low blood count, doctors are prevented from performing the test, thus placing her in the line to urgently obtain blood platelets.

Father of the sick child, Lakeram Parboo told INews that his daughter fell ill four weeks ago and was admitted to the Suddie Public Hospital but was later transferred to the GPHC where doctors made the health discovery.

According to the father, the child’s platelet count is only 6000 and she will need at least 50,000 to conduct the test, since a normal platelet count ranges from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets.

The parents are pleading with the public to help their daughter by donating blood types of either A+, A-, O+, or O-.

Persons who wish to donate can call 677-5280 or 679-1784 or make contact directly with GPHC.

Meanwhile, the SHEA organisation is also urging persons who have the abovementioned blood groups to visit the GPHC’s National Blood Transfusion Service (Blood Bank) and donate with the aim of helping the child. The Blood type A+ and A- are most needed, but O+ & O- are compatible also.

The organisation reminded that platelets react to bleeding from blood vessel injury by clumping, thereby initiating a blood clot and have a very short shelf-life, unlike whole-blood.

Donors are, therefore, advised to check with the hospital for information on when to donate ensuring that the young child has a constant supply.